Thank You for Your Order

We will begin processing your order immediately! You will be receiving an e-mail thanking you and requesting some additional information such as:

  • Contact info

  • Telephone number where you can be reached

  • A request to identify the "Homefile" which is the inlet you mostly use when going out to sea. (This allows you to more easily call-up the map containing your particular inlet)

  • Once you complete the E-Voucher (see sample below) and we receive a copy from Mr. Alan Murphy (murphy@gpsu.co.uk) we will verify the correctness and then mail the Thumb Drive (TSFD) to your specified address.


Here is a sample E-VOUCHER for "GPS Utility"


This voucher may be exchanged for a single registration for the Florida Near Shore GPSu+FNS 5.09F version of  GPS Utility ( see www.gpsu.co.uk ).

To obtain your registration, please email this voucher to murphy@gpsu.co.uk after completing the following information:

Sample only-Voucher ID = G0001-AEG3C-HI89X-DEZ3K - Sample only

First Name: ___________________

Surname  : ___________________

e-mail address : ______________________

                   Registration Name: ___________________  ( see Logo - below )

( who you want to be known as when GPSu+FNS 5.09F opens )

and optionally :

Tel:          ______________________

Mail Address: ______________________




Note: The registration names should be between 6 and 72 characters long. It may contain spaces and punctuation - for example, "A. N. Other".


Those of you familiar with the logo on the old CD version of GPSu+FNS will notice that the new edition, when properly registered, will now state that this is a "Premium Edition" and will indicate that it is registered to " your Registered Name ". The Registration Name you provide when submitting your personal voucher.

Please note that "floridanearshore@bellsouth.net" has been changed to:




Names should be specific and should identify the person or group/department who will be using the software. Ambiguous or non-specific names may delay your registration. GPS Utility Limited may modify the registration name so that it is more specific.

Large companies or organizations should specify a registration name that includes a group, department or regional office name. Please note that your registration can take up to 48 hours. However, it is often much shorter than this, but on rare occasions it could take 72 hours. Registrations are not instantaneous as they are processed manually usually twice per day.

Vouchers once used cannot be re-used.

Also see the webpage www.gpsu.co.uk/register.html for more details.